"This is Dapple Pay"

Dapple Pay Wallet will be available on both IOS/Android platforms and downloadable through the App Store and Play Store worldwide.

Transfer Money

Transfer and receive money with ease.

Pay Bills

Set up easy Payment reminders and bill pay straight from your mobile device.

Multi-Currency Wallet

Hold various currencies for International travel or business.

Financial Account Management

Set up Accounts for Personal or Business use.

Business Users

Move your Business into the 21st Century

With more customers relying on their Smartphones for shopping, move your small business to where your customers are.

Make Money Smarter

Dapple Pay Business provides an “All-in-One” business transaction platform to help maximize profitability and grow your base.

Dapple Pay Wallet

Dapple Pay was also created to bring relief to the more than 25% of unbanked and underbanked, mostly minority and immigrant Americans, who face discrimination from “cashless”  retailers simply because they cannot get bank accounts. With Dapple Pay, your smartphone is your debit  or credit card! 

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