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Meet The Founders

Dapple Pay Wallet is the brainchild of Danielle Watson and Malik Leigh, both practicing Social Justice and Family Law attorneys from South Florida, USA www.WatsonLeigh.com. After a hearing in which a Magistrate Judge found a client in contempt for perceived delinquent child support payments; (his only delinquency was state applied fees appearing on his ledger, not the actual payments themselves) the two sought to create a platform that not only facilitated these payments, but drastically reduced the fees associated with them; ensuring they never appear on anyone’s ledger.

However, during the brainstorming phase, the two realized that they could develop a much more functionally inclusive platform -one providing use for those with and without judgement related payments. Dapple Pay Wallet was born.

Before Law School, Danielle worked as a financial services professional in Central Michigan and Malik trained banking and financial services professionals across the USA. The two formed a Law practice and financial services nonprofit to help underserved residents of South Florida.

Dapple Pay Wallet will be available on both IOS/Android platforms and downloadable through the App Store and Play Store worldwide. Many features, however, will only be available in the USA, its Territories, or non *OFAC banned countries.

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